Know Your Blend

Tea that is flavorful and invigorating to the senses. The carefully selected leaves has the goodness of natural ingredients that is perfect for your morning cuppa! This is your go to healthy drink that will lift up your senses.

Hence, take the much needed break and drown in the flavor of the Lemon Ajwain Tea!

Black, green, white, matcha….oh! The list is endless. However, owing to your experimental palate we have come up with a unique range of lemon ajwain tea that tastes like your childhood ‘Shikanji’ with a pinch of health to ensure that you choose in the best beverage for a fitter lifestyle.

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About Manay Tea

A Cup of tea makes everything better, and we do everything to keep it better. Our dedicated herbal professional research team bought the perfect blend of tea that can detoxify your body. We believe tea is not just a drink, but an experience that should be revelled, enjoyed and passionately explored.

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Why choose us

With taste as unique as you, we bring you the perfect blend of health, taste and aroma in one sip. Made to celebrate, our new ‘Lemon Ajwain Tea’ uses the right ingredients so that you enjoy every single cup.

Always fresh

Designed to rejuvenate, a single sip of tea makes you feel energetic and refreshed than before!

Premium Quality

Made from selected handpicked leaves, every box is carefully sealed and packed to maintan the taste, aroma and colour.

Unique Blend

After extensive tastings and research , our ‘Lemon Ajwain Tea’ stands as the first product to define fitness and taste in one blend.

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