About Us

About Us

A Cup of tea makes everything better, and we do everything to keep it better. Our dedicated herbal professional research team bought the perfect blend of tea that can detoxify your body. We believe tea is not just a drink, but an experience that should be revelled, enjoyed and passionately explored.

Manay Tea is a dream of two brothers who wanted to market a low caffeine beverage that can be used regularly as a  health drink and everyone can enjoy the taste without any hassle.

In order to provide the best assortment of tea we have introduced “Lemon Ajwain Tea” which is expertly curated for tea lovers and tea connoisseurs alike. Our extensive knowledge and experience within the tea industry plays a vital role in bringing our customers an exciting blend and single origin tea, sourced from some of the most famous tea gardens with the help of experts.

 “Lemon Ajwain Tea” is easy to make, the procedure just involves the mixing of tea in appropriate amount of hot water. In addition, it will be ready in a snap of fingers to enjoy. It is not only quick to make but equally healthy for all the age groups. This tea is infused with ajwain, black pepper, and yashtimadhu, which boosts metabolism, burns calorie, which in turn improves the digestion and dissolves the micro fat cells.

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